I wish I had more time for games, but as a parent, my kids take priority.

I love the idea of pen & paper role-playing games, but I’m more of a quiet introvert.

I used to play regularly with my mates, but now I’m too busy with work.


Do any of those sound like you? I can certainly identify with all three, and that’s why I created this website. We all know that moments are precious and time is fleeting. The responsibilities, passions, and mishaps of life are constantly vying for our attention. If you’re a working professional, perhaps your free time is limited by your schedule. If you’re a parent, too, then you may laugh at the idea of having time for yourself, but you wouldn’t wish away one second of quality time with your children. If you love tabletop games, but struggle with the social aspects, will you ever find a means to play?

More often than not, time is the limiting factor that keeps us from our gaming hobby, but there are tactics we can employ — such as solo play, or solitaire — to make a place for games in our lives. Many of these ideas can also be implemented and enjoyed by anyone, even people who have plenty of free time to game with their friends (*shakes fist at you*).

This website is dedicated to those of us who have a passion for tabletop games — but can never seem to find the time or the means to play — by recognizing, stealing back, sharing, and cherishing those fleeting Wisps of Time.

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Appendix A: What Now?

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